Asian Association of Occupational Health

The Origin

After World War Ⅱ, a number of countries in the Asia Pacific rim embarked on industrialization. The industrialization brought in its wake increasing number of occupational injuries and diseases and work-related ill health. A group of occupational health experts in the region met in Tokyo in 1954 to deliberate on work related human suffering. The idea of Asian Associations of Occupational Health (AAOH) was mooted. On 3rd November 1956 at the First Conference of Occupational Health in Tokyo, the formation of AAOH was proclaimed. AAOH also resolved that a triennial Asian Conference of Occupational Health (ACOH) will be hosted so that members can meet on regular basis to share research findings and latest ideas on best OSH practices.


AAOH seeks to improve health, safety and welfare of working population in Asia and Australasia through activities that will create awareness and promote acceptable occupational safety and health practices in all workplaces. These activities include collaboration among individuals and organisations in promotion, training, education and research in occupational health.


The constituent members of ACOH are the active representative professional bodies in occupational health or occupational and environmental health in their respective countries or geographical region. Individual and honorary membership may be granted by the executive council.

Only paid-up member is eligible to bid for hosting of ACOH.

Membership fee

Country / geographical region fee: US$ 150.00
Individual membership: US$ 30.00

AAOH through the years

In 1956 only seven countries were represented at the First Conference of Occupational Health. They were Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. To date membership has expanded to include those in Australasia and Middle East. Current members include China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Since 1956, the triennal ACOH has continued to attract keen interest both in terms of hosting and attendance. The conference has been hosted in many different countries in Asia.