ACOH Conference

The 21st Asian Conference on Occupational Health

2(Tue) - 4(Thu) September 2014
Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, Fukuoka, Japan
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Past Host Venues of ACOH Conferences

2011 Thailand (Bangkok)
2008 Singapore
2005 New Zealand (Wellington)
2002 Taiwan (Taipei)
1999 Philippines (Cebu)
1997 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
1994 China (Beijing)
1991 Thailand (Bangkok)
1988 India (Bombay)
1985 Philippines (Manila)
1982 Singapore
1979 Korea (Seoul)
1976 Japan (Tokyo)
1973 Indonesia (Jakarta)
1971 Philippines
1968 India (Bombay)
1964 Indonesia
1961 Philippines
1958 India
1956 Japan (Tokyo)

Participating in ACOH is not just an opportunity to gain knowledge and insight in OEH (occupational and environmental health) practices in other countries but a culturally enriching experience too.

The scope of conference topics has broadened through times to include occupational health and management issues instead of the traditional occupational medicine issues. In recognition of the close link between occupational and environmental/public health issues, ACOH has also started to include some of these issues in recent years.