Speech titles

Name of Speaker Original Title in English
Maria Neira WHO's Response to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident.
Michael Crane Health Effects of the World Trade Center 9/11 Disaster
Hironobu Nakamura Carcinogenic risk of chronic low-dose radiation exposure
Shinichi Niwa Issues in Mental Health after the Complex Disaster of East Japan Great Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Fukushima
Kazuma Morino Disaster Medical Assistance Team activities in Japan crisis 2011
Kaoru Koike Emergency medical service at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
Toshiteru Okubo Steps after urgent countermeasures
Naoki Kunugita Radioactive contamination of foods and drinking water by the nuclear power plant accident in Japan
Yoshiharu Kim Prolonged psychological distress after nuclear disaster and its countermeasure: from a study of inhabitants in Nagasaki psychologically exposed to the atomic bomb explosion.
Takeshi Hayashi Radiation safety and protection of Fukushima emergency workers in our company.
Ryuji Okazaki Fukushima is not Chernobyl ―the prognosis for Fukushima and the importance of the education about radiation―
Yuichi Michikawa Basics of human body and ionizing radiation interaction.
Hisanori Hiro Mental health of workers responding to a nuclear crisis
Takahiro Shinkai Managing stress and depression by understanding how they develop: from a holistic perspective with the biopsychosocial model
Masaharu Maeda Our experiences of psychiatric interventions in industrial disasters
Yuriko Suzuki Psychological consequence of Nuclear Power Plant accident among clean-up workers
Koji Mori Clinical and Occupational Health Supports that UOEH Have Been Providing in Face of the Nuclear Accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant –A Strategic Approach and Lessons We Learnt-
Koichiro Minami Pre-hospital care and nuclear accident
Tohru Yoshikawa Personal protection of workers and the roles of the occupational health team in a radiation emergency.
Kazuhiro Omura Medical support in the shelter in Fukushima -Possibility of the medical team of a university hospital-
Katsunori Suzuki Medical support at the first nuclear power plant of Fukushima
Hiroshi Kasai 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine as a biomarker for DNA damage induced by ionizing radiation

Panel Discussion

Koji Mori The overall situation and issues in Fukushima
Tatsuhiko Kubo Medical activitiesin theFukushima Daiichinuclear power plant. What we faced and found through our activities.