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Last updated 01/11/19

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What is International Occupational Health

Admittedly, we do not yet have a clear definition for it.  But it could be said that occupational health is faced with new challenges linked with today's internationalization.  There are at least several contact points between occupational health and internationalization, exemplified as follows. 
  • Occupational health issues in developing countries (their recognition, assessment, and enforcement of countermeasures)
  • International dissemination of existing knowledge and experience via activities of international organizations, national level bi- and multi-lateral co-operation, NGOs
  • International exchange at institutional, organizational and personal levels to promote understanding and enhance formulation of scientific information and technology via collaborative research, scientific meetings, publications, personnel exchange programs, attendance to training programs
  • (Multi-national) Corporate concern and needs on health and safety issues in overseas plants/branch offices (this could surface as the "travel medicine" issue from the point of view of the developed world, or as the "double standards" issue from the point of view of the developing world)
  • Setting and enforcement of international standards including ILO conventions and ISO standards related to occupational health

However, the pace of internationalization is so rapid that today's occupational health, as a discipline, is dazzled and has not been able to really identify the scope of these emerging issues.  We feel that the term "international occupational health" is adequate and timely to bundle together such issues of common nature, and ultimately, would serve as a platform to cope with such issues, until proven otherwise.

Our Mission

  • To connect occupational health professionals around the world.

To identify and disseminate information on international occupational health.

  • To facilitate multinational research in the field of occupational health.

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