Dear Colleagues


It is with great pleasure to send you the third UOEH&JICA-KITA@Newsletter for our group training course on Occupational Health.

Since 1985, 101 participants from 32 countries have completed this course. In last 9 years, we have received many suggestions and advise from participants to improve our course. Now we are going to reorganize and rearrange our course based on our experience. For this purpose, a working group (Chairman: Dr. Toshiaki Higashi, Professor of Work Systems and Health, IIES) has been established in May 1994. Working group members are Dr. Ken Takahashi (Dept. of Environmental Epidemiology, IIES), Dr. Masanobu Maeda (Dept. of Systems Physiology, IIES), Dr. Hajime Hori (Dept. of Environmental Health Engineering, IIES), and Dr. Shinji Miyake (Dept. of Ergonomics, IIES). By the end of this year, new curriculum will be proposed from the working group.

The 14th UOEH International Symposium on the "The Paths to Productive Aging - Health in the Workplace" will be held on 19 - 21,October 1994 at UOEH, Kitakyushu, Japan, just after the Asian Conference of Occupational Health to be held on 15 - 17, October in Beijing, China.

Professor Kumashiro and Dr. Miyake have worked so hard and almost finalized the Program for the Symposium. we would like to invite you to the Symposium.

Contacts should be made to Dr. Shinji Miyake (Dept. of Ergonomics, IIES, UOEH)
Phone: +81-93-691-7458 or +81-93-691-7405
Fax: +81-93-692-0392

We were deeply shocked and saddened to hear that Mr. Takeshi Takehashi (84 years old) suddenly died on 15 July 1994 in his house. Mr. Takahashi has donated more than 100 English paper books (English and Japanese novels) to us to make course participants enjoyable during their stay in Japan. Also Mr. Takahashi has sponsored financially the friendship party for course participants and UOEH staff members and students.

I am looking forward to having your news to encourage our information exchange.

Best wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Takesumi Yoshimura, MD, MPH,
Inst. Industrial Ecological Sciences