Greetings from the New Director


As the new Director of the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences (IIES), I would like to extend warm greetings to the alumni of the International Course in Occupational Health held at UOEH. In April 1995, I succeeded Prof. Takesumi Yoshimura, who is now acting Director and course leader of the international course. As associate professor and professor of the Environmental Health Engineering Department, I believe I had the opportunity to meet each one of you during your course.

This year, with ten international participants attending, we are already in our eleventh year since the International Course in Occupational Health started in 1985. This yearŐs participants will soon be joining the alumni, a body which counted 106 participants from 34 countries as of last year. In this international era, the importance in maintaining and developing such a human network cannot be overemphasized.

Currently the IIES has 12 departments, each covering respective academic fields within the scope of occupational and environmental health. I take pride in the fact that many researches conducted at IIES are being published and acknowleged in the international scene, a trend which I wish to further promote in office.

We continue to place high priority on the International Course, which requires the co-ordinated efforts by deparmental staff members, invited lecturers, clerical staff, JICA, and KITA. The Newsletter has a great potential not only to promote communication among the alumni but also to receive input from the alumni, which, in turn, should add to the improvement of the course. Being informed that this Newsletter is only in its fourth issue, it remains to be seen whether the Newsletter can receive support and participation by the alumni. However, I am most certain that any input from the alumni will encourage the staff that are voluntarily taking up this important task.


Isamu Tanaka, Director,
Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences,
UOEH, Japan